Top 15 Rimworld mods To Download Updated 2023

Choosing the best Rimworld mods is difficult. The objective of the colony management game Rimworld is straightforward: you have to ensure the survival of a group of individuals, each of which has special talents, histories, and peculiarities.

I believe it depends on the configuration of the AI storyteller. A “healthy farming game” or a “relentless cascade of disaster” could result from your actions. There are several top Rimworld mods available that can add new features and simplify gameplay.

With some of the improvements, you can make the efficiency or organization of your colony. A few radically alter the game by integrating magic or outer space. Other alterations include cleanliness and children.

We believe it’s best to start without any mods and gradually incorporate them when you complete a few vanilla Rimworld colonies and get over the gruesome tales that emerged from your explorations.

Top 15 Rimworld mods To Download Updated 2023

When one of your people fell ill, your doctor immediately started feeding the body. For example, when everyone got food poisoning while on a road trip and the lone peaceful colonist—who had pledged never to use force—was killed by a crazy squirrel.


Best Rimworld mods include these:

  • Multiplayer Hospitality in Rimworld
  • EDB Carefully prepare
  • Realistic Rooms for Colony Manager
  • Bubbles of Interaction
  • Ordinary Sense
  • Grim Reality Dubs Wall Light Poor hygiene
  • Kids, Education, and Learning
  • Vanilla Expanded Save Our Ship 2
  • Extended A Rimworld of Magic Combat

    How to install Rimworld mods in 2023?

    Visit the Steam Workshop to add Rimworld mods to your game quickly and easily. But, some of the more complex mods require you to install Harmony and sometimes Hugslib. These are both libraries that help your mods work better.

Mods must be installed in a certain way, and library mods must be installed before the core game. There is an auto-sort option in the best Rimworld mods 1.1 updates that will put them in the right order. Some of these mods will let you keep playing the game the way it was before you saved. Most of them will tell you to make a new file.

At the time of this writing, each of the mods on the list should work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Keep an eye out for mods that also need the Royalty or Philosophy expansion packs, so you can play them.


It’s a good place to start if you want to try out the best Rimworld mods 2019 with some friends. It can be used with the most recent patch and the Royalty expansion, and it can also be used with other mods, such as those that make the game interesting. The multiplayer guide for best mods for RimWorld can help you learn more about how this game works.


One of the things we didn’t like about earlier game modes was that visitors didn’t do anything. They’d walk into your map, stay for a while, and then leave. They’d usually stay in front of the turrets or outside in the rain, and then leave. In the beginning, there were only a few traders.

Having a room for guests, trying to tell guests where they can and can’t go, making items in an area buyable, and getting someone to love a faction can fix this. A lot of new things can happen, like constructing a hotel and serving beer made in the colony, or running a great human trafficking operation.

EdB Prepare Carefully

Have you ever spent a lot of time refreshing your group of start-up wackos, looking for someone who knows not to hold a knife by the pointy end, or who can bandage someone without putting your colony in danger? EdB Prepare Carefully lets you choose your colonists and items to get off to the greatest feasible start. There’s also an optional points cap to keep you from making colonists who are too good.

Colony Manager

You can select a colony manager in Fluffy’s Colony Manager who will automatically assign tasks to colonists to keep the colony consistently stocked with wood and meat and to ensure the welfare of your livestock. Because they will be returned to you as soon as possible, you won’t have to worry about running out of supplies. Use a new save to make this mod. It gives the game a new work format.

Realistic Rooms

Colonists have some pretty amazing requirements for the size of their rooms given that they are attempting to survive a crash landing. By making the necessary room sizes more resemblant to actual life, Realistic Rooms makes it simpler to make little bases that won’t irritate your pawns. Additionally, it works with saved games.

Bubbles of interaction

Your colonists are always speaking interesting and bizarre things to one another, which you probably won’t notice if you don’t keep an eye on the social log. When your colonists speak in Jaxe, you’ll hear these asides and inquiries flying over their heads. You won’t ever miss an interaction again because of Jaxe’s Interaction Bubbles. It won’t harm your save data if you add or remove it whenever you like.

Common Sense

In your colony, people aren’t necessarily very intelligent. Their acts are a little bit more, well, rational when they have common sense. They won’t hurriedly gather all the necessary ingredients or prepare the meal in a filthy kitchen. If they put it on and then take it off in the middle of the game, nobody will be hurt.

Light on the Wall

Light fixtures that hang from the ceiling. You don’t need any unsightly, unused lamps when you have a wall light. They are modern-looking and don’t appear to belong on the wall. You might also check into “Coloured Lights,” which enables you to transform your colony into an extravagant nightclub.

Grim Reality

You have to keep your colonists alive on the Rim, but if they are hungry and get rained on, or in vanilla Rimworld, if they have been rejected by the same person fifteen times, their moods and perspectives soon shift.

Although the doctor saved their life and saved them a wonderful lunch of Ibex meat and rice, your colonists will still be rude to them because their face is a little goofy. Your pawns experience a feeling of realism thanks to Grim Reality, which minimizes the impact of minor mistakes but amplifies the impact of extremely catastrophic occurrences.

Dubs Bad Hygiene

The only thing missing from your trip to Rimworld is a bathroom. The video game Dubs Bad Hygiene offers a technique to maintain cleanliness. Build sewage and plumbing systems if you want to keep your colonists healthy and free of waste. There are other features of this addition. It has heating systems, hot tubs, and irrigation canals. It used to be possible to add it to an existing save. After that, it would be quite hard to attempt to remove the save.

Children, School and Learning

Adds ladies who are pregnant and have kids to the game. Though we strongly advise you not to consider this while playing the game, Dylan’s Children, School, and Learning mod make them appear to be teenagers. Their quick assistance is a positive thing. Your colonists can utilize school desks and chalkboards to instruct their children in various things. Before they are considered adults, they can only learn for a year.

Save Our Ship 2

The goal of the game Rimworld is to build a ship and leave the planet. By allowing you to pilot your ship, Save Our Ship dramatically extends the mid- to late-game. You can leave your colonies in the care of other organizations by taking colonists and other things on your ship and traveling to other planets. You can return at any time.

You’ll pass by other ships as you circle a planet. There will be some of them who are friendlier than others. Then you can make “critter sleep” capsules and even take your animals with you on your trip.

Vanilla Expansion

The Vanilla Expanded mod pack is a sizable collection of mods that enhances the game in numerous ways, including by adding more excitement and fun. Since they were all made by the same team, they will all work together and include a lot of new things, such as texture mods, more furniture, armor, weapons, and animals. They’ll also enhance factions, flora, fishing, cooking, and reading.

A Magical Rimworld

One of the best Magic Rimworld mods, it drastically alters the way you engage in combat. There are six fighting classes and twelve magic classes, each with its game trees and skill sets. Additionally, there are numerous new items of clothing, tools, and events. Magic is a lot of fun to play with, but some people think it’s too strong. To make things a little more challenging, you can alter some of the game’s parameters.

Extended Combat

Warfare Extended adjusts shields and armor, wounds, melee and projectile combat, and other aspects of the Rimworld combat system. Instead of the percentage-based shooting system that made it hard to get good shots, there is now a ballistic model. It’s a significant improvement in every way. The main drawbacks are that they force you to restart the game from scratch, they can’t be deleted from your save files, and they conflict with other mods.

Fill your virtual plate with the best Rimworld mods we could find, then start to figure out why your game won’t launch. Since they almost likely won’t work together, it is best to start with one or two at a time.

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