6+ Best WordPress Payment Plugins To Try

Do you think customers will stick around and wait if it takes an eternity for them to pay for the product? Top WordPress Payment Plugins not! Shopify claims that a lengthy checkout process results in 26% of customers abandoning their transactions. This article will go over the top 6+ WordPress plugins for receiving payments. Let’s first examine why you require a quality payment plugin.

Good Payment Gateway Advantages

Being adaptable Customers have a range of options for completing a purchase thanks to a good payment plugin, which lets them pay with credit/debit cards, EMV chips, contactless, and other methods.

Reduce processing expenses (if possible) to compete with competitors by lowering markup pricing.

6+ Best WordPress Payment Plugins To Try

Security – The finest payment plugins for WordPress follow security guidelines like PCI, DSS, and others.

6+ Best WordPress Payment Plugins To Try

6+ Top WordPress Payment Plugins To Test WordPress Payment Plugins to try in 2022.

1. WP Full Stripe

WP Full Stripe

WordPress Plugins for Payment
You can accept payments using WP Full Stripe even if you have no programming experience. It is used by more than 7000 customers worldwide to process payments for WordPress websites. It is viewed as a practical and simple instrument. The best users of this plugin are small and medium-sized enterprises. You don’t require specialized knowledge or locations, and setting up merely takes a few minutes. The one-time cost and 14-day return policy also make this plugin an excellent choice for beginners.


Save Card Information – For faster, one-step payments after the initial transaction, securely save customers’ credit card information.

Create pricing tables with payment buttons to make checkout simpler.

Easy Setup & Management – With the help of this plugin, you can easily take care of most of your financial obligations on your WordPress site.

Single-Step – Do away with time-consuming, multi-page payment processes and shopping cart maintenance.

Complete Personalization – customize the payment options on your website to the preferences of both you and your customers.

Multilingual & Localized – Establish trust with your audience by providing translated material in communications.

Improved Record-Keeping: learn and draw lessons from client data to enhance your offerings and services.

2. WP Simple Pay

WP Simple Pay

WordPress Plugins for Payment
Are you trying to figure out the best way to accept payments on your WordPress site? A great WordPress plugin for receiving payments without a shopping cart is WP Simple Pay.


With the help of Simple Payment Collection, you may accept payments on your WordPress site without the use of a complex shopping cart or coding method.

Allows Custom Payment — Customers can pay their payment donations with this feature, making it appropriate for one-time and donation payments.

No Card Payment – Use ACH debit payments to accept payments directly from bank accounts.

Customers can sign up for a recurring subscription and payment using the integrated subscription feature.

Offer Personalized Discounts – This lets you provide Personalized Discounts with Codes to your Customers for an improved Shopping Experience.

Over 16000 users trust and rely on this plugin, which has a transaction fee of just 2%. Users can upgrade to WP Simple Pay Pro if they want to avoid paying this fee. However, WP Simple Pay Lite is a fantastic option for small enterprises.

3. GiveWP


You may easily take donations on a WordPress site with the help of the popular plugin GiveWP. It’s a powerful plugin that lets it simple and quick to collect payments. Fundraising groups and non-governmental organizations frequently use this simple donation-popular plugin. Over 100,000 active users worldwide have praised the flexible plugin Give WP. The plugin is easy to download and set up thanks to the setup process, but developers are free to customize the functionality in any way they see fit.

The features that Give WP offers are fairly limited, even though it is free to install and set up. You must upgrade to a more pricey premium edition to utilize the plugin’s features to their fullest extent. Unfortunately, the plugin only offers free or premium versions, so if money is tight, you might have to make do with the basics.


Specialized For Donations – By intimately integrating with donation drive techniques, GiveWP combines a highly personalized donation experience for your customers.

Simple management – You receive a thorough report on the performance of your website, with tables and statistics illustrating your progress in raising donations.

Import-Export – By importing and exporting data from previous websites and contribution drives, you may organize all of your donations in one place.

Strong Add-Ons – Upgrade and customize the payment process for your store with add-ons.

Use the Google Analytics add-on to track e-commerce to learn what your contributors are doing.

Registration & Tracking – Force your contributors to make accounts and set you a complete account of their payments.

4. Stripe Payments

Stripe Payments

You may take credit card payments from visitors who make purchases on your WordPress website using Stripe Payments. It is built using a straightforward shortcode and includes several features that make it different from other WordPress payment plugins. More than 3 million websites, including Reddit, Udemy, Stack, and others, use Stripe. Large enterprises use and benefit from it because of its highly adjustable functionality, customer support, and security. Additionally, this plugin makes it simple to accept Stripe payments on your WordPress site.


Seven different languages are included in the multilingual option, enabling your site to cross linguistic boundaries.

Fraud Protection: A fraud detection radar powered by machine learning (ML) helps identify and stop fraud.

Globalized: Receive payments at any time and from any location in 137 different currencies using a variety of payment methods.

Flexible Payment Alternatives – Customers can choose from a variety of payment options, including several pay-in-store options and buy-now-pay-later, enhancing their purchasing power.

To make an easy and rapid payment gateway, use checkout and elements.

5. SkyVerge


SkyVerge, a GoDaddy brand, is a well-popular plugin that has aided hundreds of websites in growing their customer bases and enhancing user experience.


SkyVerge is an easy-to-use and set-up platform with robust coding.

Past Exemplary Growth – The plugin boosts sales and puts more emphasis on your business than your website.

Complex Specialization – Each SkyVerge plugin is created especially with the eCommerce store in mind, emphasizing your demands and specifications.

A popular Name: SkyVerge has been downloaded over 3 million times and is well-liked by WordPress users.

6. WordPress PayPal Plugin

WordPress PayPal Plugin

By adding a shortcode, the WordPress PayPal plugin lets site owners who cater to a conscious audience accept payments.


PayPal Integrated Payment Gateway: Establish credibility with your customers by incorporating a well-known, widely used payment gateway into your site.

Easy & Customizable Purchase – Use WordPress PayPal to accept donations, funding, and ongoing or one-time payments.

Free of hassle management No need to switch between portals; keep control of all your purchases from your WordPress admin panel.

Increase Security PayPal Sandbox usage It supports Sandbox, which lets you make a test purchase before shipping goods to actual customers and ensures that your website is compatible.

Doesn’t Affect Themes & Templates – WordPress PayPal works flawlessly with all themes and layouts and is compatible with the most recent WordPress version.

7. Braintree Gateway

Braintree Gateway

Another helpful plugin that might help you with your business and payment alternatives is Braintree for WooCommerce. Many people now trust this payment gateway thanks to its close cooperation with PayPal!


All-In-One – Consists of virtually all payment methods, including PayPal pay later, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and so forth.

Integration with WooCommerce – The Braintree Gateway connects to WooCommerce and offers a variety of features.

Save Card Information – Customers don’t need to worry about identity theft or fraud when storing their credit card information.

Easy Administration & Security – The gateway offers the best refund processing and empty transaction administration.

Quick, effective, and seamless The user experience is improved by Braintree by WooCommerce, which offers your customers easy payment checkouts.


In summary, a payment plugin that prioritizes the needs of the customer is optimal for accepting payments on WordPress websites. All seven of the plugins covered in this article are dependable, tried-and-true, and effective. Depending on your company’s age, the business plan it uses, and the scope of your budget, you will decide which one to use. For instance, let’s say you’re just getting started and Stripe Payments have a small budget. However, if you’re a mid-sized business and can afford to acquire a payment plugin, WP Simple Pay will work well for you. For well-established enterprises, WP Full Stripe is a superior choice.

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