10 Best Photo Viewer Apps For Windows

When compelled to utilize Windows’s default photo viewer, which has limited capability, we prefer to seek for simple but imaginative solutions. There are a variety of Windows photo viewer apps, however you may require clarity on which is the best. However, you may relax easy since I’ve compiled a list of the 12+ best Windows photo viewers and their most remarkable features.

1. ImageGlass

ImageGlass is a free and open source image viewer for Windows with a simple and well-organized user interface. It is quite handy since the photo viewer does not have advertising. Furthermore, the multiple features of this software make it one of the finest photo viewer apps for Windows. You may find it down below.

1 – It’s a really lightweight and versatile software.

2 – It supports over 80 different image formats, including raw images, SVG, HEIC, and GIF.

3 – You may change the images.

4 – The title bar exposes the complete image.

5 – Its modern user interface allows for theme modification.

6 – Users of Windows 10 and later may now share images thanks to the addition of a new feature.

2. Picverse Photo Manager

Picverse Photo Manager is an application that enhances your photo viewing experience in a variety of ways. You may use this to view photos and maintain a digital image album. Furthermore, because of its automatic organizing feature, which combines Facial Recognition and Geolocation, it is a must-have photo viewer. The most significant feature is highlighted below.

1 – It, like Apple and Google Photos, can generate an individual album by recognizing a person’s face.

2 – Album albums are automatically created based on location and date.

3 – AI technology supports standard editing procedures such as color correction and image enhancement.

4 – It supports a variety of image formats, both compressed and uncompressed.

5 – Image backgrounds are simple to change or remove.

6 – Restore ancient photos using AI.

7 – The images are shown in full-screen format.

3. ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate

If you need a professional photo viewer and organizer, ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate is ideal. The finest experience is provided by its fast switching speed and customizability. MS Windows versions 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11 are all supported. Other fantastic ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate features include:

1 – SVG, HEIF, GoPro, raw images, and high ISO formats are all supported.

2 – There is face detection, location data, and facial recognition.

3 – Tools for professional photo editing and layered editing.

4 – The cloud access feature may also be used to backup existing images.

4. JAlbum

JAlbum is a user-friendly online photo viewer for Windows. By dragging and dropping images, you can effortlessly build and manage online photo albums with this Photo Viewer app. This jAlbum is notable for its ability to process images in bulk and produce web pages online.

1 – It has the ability to store a big number of images in its album.

2 – You may protect your photos by adding a watermark.

3 – It sorts your images into hierarchical folders depending on the date and image of capture.

4 – It allows you to post photo albums to your website or to any other website on the Internet.

5. 123 Photo Viewer

123 Photo Viewer is often used to replace a pre-installed image app. It has a simple user interface and is easy to use. You may also play animated photos at different rates, view each frame, and save them if you want to. Other enticing features include:

1 – It can accommodate up to five mosaics.

2 – To organize your photos, choose from over forty collages.

3 – Changes to format, name, resolution, and watermark are among the batch processing features.

4 – View the GIF images one frame at a time.

5 – Edit the photos with various blur effects, color adjustments, and so on.

6 – It supports a variety of photo formats, including PDF, JPEG, RAW, animation, and others.

6. FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone is a quick and easy-to-use photo viewer app for Windows. This app lets you to do a variety of basic activities, such as eliminating red-eye and making an audio slideshow. You can also view and edit the vast majority of popular image formats. Image Magnifier, Full-screen Mode, Special Effects, and outstanding editing capabilities are among the notable features. You may also be interested in the following features:

1 – Users may save images in a variety of formats using the “save as” option.

2 – There are over a dozen photo resizing photos to consider.

3 – Compatible with multi-screen configuration, viewing, and touch interface.

7. XnView

Consider also XnView, an alternative free photo viewer with multiple viewing images and batch image management. There are a variety of viewing options available. Full-screen, thumbnail, slideshow, and filmstrip modes are just some of the available options. Any version of Windows 7, 8, 10, or 11 may run XnView without issue. Additionally, XnView offers an enhanced photo viewer with features such as:

1 – More than 500 image formats may be viewed, and around 70 file types can be saved.

2 – Images may be compared side by side, duplicates can be removed, and whole images can be renamed or converted at once.

3 – Metadata formats including XMP, EXIF, and IPTC are supported.

4 – All controls for playing and rotating the slideshow are located in one convenient location.

8. PhotoDirector 365

As a powerful photo editor, PhotoDirector 365 is a must-have. Using the excellent color adjustments and eye-popping visual effects, you may edit your images creatively and turn them into pieces of art. Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11 are all supported. In a similar vein, itsupports compatible with Windows 7 64-bit. Read on to learn about some of its other salient characteristics.

1 – De-blur, Defringe, and Defog are all AI-powered tools that may help you generate images with pin-sharp clarity.

2 – It has the best quality layers, the best correction algorithms, and itfeatures easy to edit the layers.

3 – Over 1900 unique visual effects may be discovered.

4 – In addition, you may access over 4,000,000 no-cost, high-quality images.

9. Honeyview

It’s a quick and free alternative to the other top photo viewer apps for Windows. An intriguing feature of Honeyview is its speed in displaying photos in compressed files. Users will view the ease with which images may be viewed thanks to the app’s minimal design. It is freeware and supports with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, XP, and Vista. Moreover, Honeyview has a number of features notable mentioning:

1 – Itsupports compatible with a wide range of image types, from raw to animated GIFs to compressed archives.

2 – JPEG files may display images saved in the EXIF format.

3 – The software’s color palette may be altered at your discretion.

10. DigiKam

Another great program for swiftly organizing digital photos is DigiKam. Tools for editing, organizing, and sharing your photos with confidence are included. Windows 7 and later versions are supported. Listed here are a some of digiKam’s most notable features.

1 – The photos may be compared, collections can be made, and shared.

2 – You may use it to go through your photo library using criteria like when and where they were taken, as well as images and face recognition.

3 – It supports compatible with more than a thousand raw camera formats.

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