5 Best Games Like Rust 2023 To Play

Where can I find similar games like Rust? The survival shooter from Facepunch Studios1 is exciting, difficult, and very playable. On the other hand, you can be searching for something else with… a nicer neighbourhood. However, this may not be the whole story. In the end, people who play sandbox games, survival games, or realistic shooters are similar to those who play survival games. Let’s take a look at the dozen or so best games that are similar to Rust that we found.

Choosing Games Like Rust

A survival game with only multiplayer, Rust With up to 20 other online players, you enter a massive open-world map. Here, your sole goal is survival, and you may do that by crafting tools, structures, and gear. All the makings of a classic match are there thanks to the setting:


The system of crafting is extensive and thorough. Helicopters, electrical grids, ammo, medical supplies, and weaponry are all within your reach.

Base Building

It goes without saying that you can use your resources to construct bases. Defenses are vital since here is where your loot is kept.


To make anything, you need a blueprint of it. When you put an item you have been unable to locate and a certain quantity of scrap on the Research Table, you will earn a Blueprint.

Online Looting

You may take loot from hostile NPCs and other players in online games, as well as gather resources from the world and loot weapons, armour, and other goods from the world itself.

Offline Raids

Your loot may be raided at any moment, online or offline, by other players.

Safe Zones

The Outpost is one example of a secure zone in the world. Characters may freely use the crafting benches and engage in conversation here.

Punishing PvP

Relentless PvP – All areas of the map are now ready for PvP. You can be worth nothing after your murder. Due of the inability to tell friends from foes, it is among the most difficult PvP shooters.


To improve your chances of survival, you may join clans. Your bases will be protected against attacks by other clans.


Guns, bows, and other melee weapons may be used in first-person shooter (FPS) battles in Rust. The diversity is provided by a number of different bullet types, including explosive and high-velocity.

Thirst And Hunger

Thirst And Hunger are integral parts of the Rust experience. Indicators for hunger and hydration are shown as bars on the user interface. When the health bars reach a certain point, the player will die. In order to survive, players must eat and drink prepared meals.


There are several types of damage that rust may do. The enemy’s resistance to each kind of damage is taken into account. Damage types include bite, blunt, bullet, explosive, fall, cold, electric, heat, and radiation (bleeding).


At long last, modders have been given permission by the Rust team to build their own servers from the ground up.

In general, we’re searching for games that Rust enthusiasts will like a lot. This entails picking works that have the aforementioned characteristics. We also provide offline and online choices, so keep that in mind.

5 Best Games Like Rust 2023 To Play

1. Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov

The most challenging multiplayer survival PvP game ever produced is Escape From Tarkov. It has a slew of realistic and complicated gameplay aspects that will put your patience to the test. Tarkov revolves mostly on 30-minute raids. You create an avatar and take part in Tarkov raids lasting 30 minutes. You gather as much loot as you can before returning to your offline lair, where you may securely keep it. There are various maps, each of which supports roughly seven players as well as several hostile NPCs; anybody may kill you and take your stuff.

Your characters develop localised abilities as you proceed through the risky journey. Using an SMG increases your SMG skill by three, while making things increases your craft skill by three. It’s a large character advancement system that’s challenging to master. Unfortunately, your character’s “memory” is a secondary skill that impacts how slowly or fast he forgets his abilities. You may make gear, water, and medkits for your next expedition back at the offline hideaway. Consider the game’s localised damage, which mandates the use of different medicinal kits for different types of injuries. If none of this appeals to you, you may join the NPC faction and compete against other players on the maps.

2. The Forest

The Forest

Realistic survival game that prioritises cooperative PvE over PvP. The location is dense jungle. You are the only survivor of a plane crash. You begin the game with nothing but your bare hands, and the purpose is to live on the land and master environmental management. This includes chores such as chopping wood, lighting fires, providing shelters, constructing camps, and crafting equipment.

However, the open world of the game features horror, crafting, and battle. The unknown island is home to cannibals and mutants. As the game progresses, you may get more strong by earning better equipment. They are challenging to manage. The Forest is an online-only game and hence does not keep data offline. Lastly, the title has an unexpectedly captivating narrative. It is a unique characteristic of the genre and was sufficient to draw a large number of loyal followers.

3. The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Series

The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Series

Well, the S.T.A.L.K.E.R series came close to being the first survival shooter. So, if you want a stress-free choice that you can play offline, the third game in the series is your best bet. The area around the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant is where the game takes place. The story of the game says that after the first nuclear explosion, there was a second explosion. You play as a Stalker, a scavenger in “The Zone” who is looking for artefacts with psychic powers.

The combat in FPS is hard, and the maps are scary. In the game’s story, you have to deal with radiation, hunger, thirst, sleep, radiation damage, running out of ammo and supplies, mutants, and groups that want to kill you. Call of Pripyat is the best thing they’ve done so far. Major Alexander Degtyarev is the character you play. He used to be a Stalker, but now he works for the government and is looking for missing military agents in the zone. During his travels, he finds out that something called “psychic emissions” is causing trouble in the area.

4. Mist Survival

Mist Survival

For a single player, Mist is a sandbox survival game. The player must survive in a zombie-infested world, much to the original DayZ. It boasts robust construction mechanics, top-notch survival tools, and a vast, deserted world to explore. For those who find themselves drawn to Rust by its survival mechanics, this is the best choice. The implementation of comprehensive survival mechanics A robust crafting system, base construction, a huge open world, dynamic weather, a day-and-night cycle, animal husbandry, disease, wounds, stealth, driving, and traps are all included. A large world featuring villages, forests, a town, a military facility, and a number of mysteries are also available for you to explore.

For story purposes, the players are safe from the pandemic. After that, they have to survive the tragedy by securing food and shelter. The antagonists include criminals, infected NPCs, and wild animals. The map might also be covered in a dense mist at any moment. The smoke brings up unexpected phenomena, like hordes of undead. This is an Early Access Game, so expect some issues and omissions. Players, especially those who buy the game early, want to play with others.

5. The Long Dark

The Long Dark

The Long Dark is a survival game similar to Rust and many others. It was launched after a protracted Early Access period to middling success and positive reviews. Jennifer Hale, who performed the female Commander Shepard’s voice, is the major performer. This game’s map depicts a treacherous tundra. In this atmosphere, survival shooter enthusiasts may anticipate a challenging yet rewarding encounter. In the frigid wilderness, anything might go wrong. Utilizing the game, unique exploration and survival aspects are incorporated.

Players must think, explore, and find a way of survival in this game. There are few resources, the jungle is unfriendly, and the cold is dangerous for everyone. Nevertheless, it is a single-player experience with two modes (Story and Survival). The management of hunger, cold, thirst, disease, frostbite, weariness, and resources is necessary for both modes. The story is conveyed in five animated episodes with music and spoken dialogue. In Survival Mode, though, you may play a sandbox-like journey. No map markers or instructions are present in any mode, and the survival mode utilises a permadeath method. On both maps, the world is a large 50 km2 Canadian tundra. You can hunt, fish, set traps, scavenge, and survive the harsh environment and fauna via hunting, fishing, and trapping.

Final Words:

The finest alternatives to Rust in 2023 are on this list. Likewise, please inform us of any other games that are similar to Rust. And I hope you enjoy the rest of a wonderful day.

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