10 Best Text Tracker To Intercept Text Messages

If you are a worried parent or need to monitor another person’s text messages without access to their phone, you will need a specialist app. With today’s technology, it is feasible to quickly review several messages from a distance without revealing the identity of the intended receiver. Text Tracker applications are available that can execute this task without the target phone. The topic of today’s article is Text Message Interceptor to Intercept Text Messages. Therefore, let’s begin the tutorial.

Things When Selecting A Text Message Spying App

No matter which Text Tracker you use to read other people’s text messages, you should check the following six things before purchasing the app:

1 App Reliability

2 Stealth

3 Features

4 UI

5 Prices that are fair

6 Customer support

Best Text Tracker To Intercept Text Messages

In this review, we will show 10 SMS tracker applications that can track the text messages of another mobile app. It is just for educational purposes. All app features are nearly same. Consequently, we have offered a thorough study of the best text tracker.


On our list, XNSPY is the best text message spy. It is a simple app with stealth capabilities. This app allows you to track SMS messages from any Android or iOS device. XNSPY allows you to examine the number, sender’s name, date, and time of SMS messages. XNSPY allows the user to save particular phrases to a watchlist and get alerts when they occur in an SMS message on the target phone. It saves time and effort to read each message separately. The best app for intercepting text messages online without the target phone is XNSPY.

2. Spyzie

Spyzie gives you complete access to the target phone’s text and call history. You may view the sender’s name and phone number, as well as scroll through each exchange. It is a fantastic app for intercepting text messages online without having access to the target phone. It does not allow full remote control of the device. You can track someone’s GPS location and browsing history. Spyzie allows you to view the target phone’s installed applications, calendars, and notes. It is a comprehensive espionage app.

3. MSpy

MSpy is the next text tracker on our list. It is a wonderful app for intercepting text messages online without having access to the target phone. This text message spying app may be used to track texts and phone conversations on a device. You can see the sender’s name and phone number as well. It also allows you to track internet use and location. MSpy can also track Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.

4. TrackMyFone

TrackMyFone is another another great text tracker for you. It works with both Android and iOS. You may remotely read all sent and received text messages on the target phone with this app. An online control panel allows you to track SMS messages and regulate the device. TrackMyFone also displays the sender’s name and contact information. You also gives you access to media on your phone. It provides a text alert system, similar to XNSPY. It will inform you anytime a certain phrase comes in an SMS, saving you from having to manually search through them.

5. Blurspy

Blurspy helps you to spy on SMS messages online without having access to the target phone. It is a powerful spy text SMS tracker that helps you to track text messages and call records. Blurspy makes it easy to record phone conversations and their surroundings. The app allows users to record live presentations for free. In addition, the app allows camera pictures. It is one of the best tools for hacking text messages without having physical access to the target phone. It keeps track of the device’s position. Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Skype are also detectable.

6. SpyEra

Another excellent text tracker is SpyEra. This excellent app allows iPhone and Android users eavesdrop on text messages online without the consent of the target phone’s owner. The initial purpose of this app was to spy on others’ text messages, but it has since designed its capabilities and is now useful. It’s a useful tool for monitoring and ensuring the well-being of kids on school grounds. SpyEra saves every every text message, including the messages you think you’ve deleted. It has a graphical user control where you may view a consolidated report of your text messaging messages. You could even set up a text list that would notify you if your child received any certain messages.

7. GuestSpy

Without having physical access to the target phone, GuestSpy helps you to eavesdrop on text messages. It’s a fantastic app for tracking tabs on text messages and phone conversations. With GuestSpy, you can monitor all outgoing and incoming text messages with ease. GPS tracking, browser history tracking, and access to media files are all included. It allows full remote control even when the target phone isn’t present. Access to the calendar and contacts is granted. You may check your IMs on Facebook and WhatsApp.

8. MobiStealth

Online SMS eavesdropping is possible with MobiStealth even if you don’t have access to the target phone. The app’s main purpose is to help parents monitor their children’s whereabouts and activities, and to help businesses safeguard sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. Any and every communication, both sent and received, is open to your perusal. Smartphones running iOS and Android are fully supported. GPS devices allow you to track your kid’s whereabouts. Workers’ email and web activity may likewise be monitored in this way. You can keep tabs on the targeted device and take pictures without their knowing using MobiStealth. It’s designed to provide your child and worker a complete picture of the situation. Likewise, MobiStealth is capable of recording phone conversations and ambient noise with remarkable efficacy. It’s one of the best online tools for monitoring text messages.

9. SurePoint Spy

In order to monitor a target’s text messages, all you need is access to their computer and SurePoint Spy. It is possible that this app might track your spouse, children, or workers. If you have an iPhone or an Android, you can use SurePoint Spy. There are a number of tracking options, including GPS tracking, in SurePoint Spy. It’s simple to track your partner’s text messages.

10. The TruthSpy

TruthSpy is a text message spy app that gives you remote access to the target phone or tablet. It’s a top-notch online tool for tracking tabs on a target spy’s text messages and phone history. The TruthSpy works with both iOS and Android devices. It is possible to see the sender’s name and mobile phone number in addition to the text messages.

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