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How to Change Location on Badoo to Meet New People


Badoo is a free dating service and app for people looking for friendship, casual dating, and relationships. It has a number of unique features that make it one of the greatest dating apps available today. Badoo’s functionality is dependent on its location. Badoo uses the GPS on your phone to determine your location. You may wish to update your Badoo location if you want to meet individuals from different parts of the world or if you have recently moved to a new location. Because the servers aren’t updated automatically, you’ll have to manually change your location to locate new individuals in your new area.

How to Change Location on Badoo

From the Mobile App

[1] On your smartphone, open the Badoo app.

[2] Choose a profile icon.

[3] Next to the location option, click the pencil icon.

[4] Select your favourite location in the Location area.

[5] Your current location will now be automatically updated.

From Website:

[1] Open the Badoo app and sig up to your account.

[2] In the upper left-hand corner of the screen, tap your profile image.

[3] To modify Location, scroll down and click the pencil icon.

[4] Type the new location in the text box.

[5] Save the file.

[6] When you’re finished, your profile will reflect your new location.

How to Hide Location on Badoo


[1] Log in to your Badoo account using the app.

[2] Go to the Settings menu and select Apps from the drop-down menu.

[3] Look for Badoo in your app list.

[4] From the app options, select Permission.

[5] Choose Location and Deny access.


[1] Log in to your Badoo account and open the app.

[2] In the Badoo settings menu, select Location Services.

[3] Choose between Never and Ask Next Time. It will aid in preventing illegal access to your location.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I change Badoo’s language?
Choose your favourite language by tapping the gear-shaped settings icon in the top right corner of the home screen.

2. Is it possible to modify Tinder’s location?
Yes. Tinder, like Badoo, allows you to change your location to meet new mates.

3. Do inactive Badoo accounts get deleted?
Inactive Badoo accounts are not deleted. They can, however, deactivate them, preventing users from logging in.

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