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Uber on Apple Watch: How to Request a Ride


When it comes to ridesharing apps, Uber is the most popular. It is a quick and dependable service for getting around at any time. Uber is available to take you wherever, from the airport to the city. It’s currently accessible on a variety of platforms, including Apple Watch. It is available in over 500 places worldwide. All you have to do is download the app, request an Uber, and provide your destination. Uber on Apple Watch uses your GPS position to find you and picks you up quickly.

How to Install Uber on Apple Watch?

Apple Watch is currently supported by Uber. However, there are several limits to using it on an Apple Watch, including the following.

The Uber app only allows you to request a ride from your present location. As a result, you should inform the driver of your destination.
For the ride you request from Apple Watch, it will use the most recent model. On example, if you choose UberXL on your last ride, you will receive it for your current ride.

How to Get Uber on Apple Watch?

(1) To start, press the Digital Crown to bring up the Home screen.

(2) Open the App Store on Apple Watch OS by selecting it.

(3) Use Scribble or Dictation to find Uber by tapping on Search.

(4) From the search results, select Uber to learn about its features, ratings, screenshots, and more.

(5) To download it, click the Get button.

(6) When requested, double-click the side button to download and install Uber on your watch.

How to Get Uber using iPhone?

(1) On your iPhone, open the Apple Watch app.

(2) From the bottom, select the My Watch tab.
(3) Find Uber in the Available App column by scrolling down.

(4) To add an app, tap the Install option.

How to Use Uber on Apple Watch?

(1) Press the Apple Watch buttons or wake up the Apple Watch.

(2) To see a list of open apps, press the Power button twice.

(3) From the bottom of the screen, select All Apps.

(4) On Watch, press the Uber icon to open it. You may also utilise Siri on your Apple Watch to summon Uber.

(5) Your current location will be found by Uber. After a few seconds, the estimated time will appear on the screen.

(6) At the bottom of the screen, select Request to request a trip from an Uber vehicle nearby.

(7) The Uber arrival time is displayed in the centre of the screen.

That concludes our discussion on Uber on Apple Watch. You may download it to your Watch and use the Uber app to request a trip to your selected location.

Uber vs. Apple Watch

Uber on Apple Watch had a nice run, but its constraints were a big factor in its demise. Uber’s Apple Watch support terminated in the second week of January 2022. The message below appears when you try to open the Uber app.

The Watch app lacks many key features, such as fare splitting, ETA sharing, uberPOOL, and calling the Uber driver. As a result, users are more likely to use the Uber smartphone app. With ever-dwindling user numbers, Uber eventually put an end to the misery. If the Uber app has left you frustrated, look into Uber alternatives to share a journey.


1. Is Uber still available on the App Store?
The Uber app is no longer available on the Apple App Store.

2. How can I get Uber to function on my Apple Watch?
The Uber app for Apple Watch is no longer available. To book a ride, you must use your iPhone.

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