Best Soundtracks of TV Shows to Listen to

A new season or series can be adored for a lot of factors. But in this case, the music is the main focus. In light of this, we present the top TV program soundtracks for your listening pleasure.

So let’s marry our deep passion for television with our taste in music. Why not choose the best based on the tunes and melodies emanating from those genres and titles when we have so much time to explore new ones?

For instance, we won’t “not” focus on the genre, the acting, the story, the screenplay, or any other criteria a viewer could look for when choosing a title to binge-watch in this situation.

Best Soundtracks of TV Shows to Listen to

Here, amazing soundtracks are everything. To fine-tune your eardrums, listen to the list, and then let us know what else you would like to see on it. Let’s investigate.

The Witcher

The narrative of the entire story is carried forward in this title track’s words. The viewer learns about Jaskier’s tirades regarding his close friend Geralt of Rivia through the song.

He so shares his opinions about his friend here in an open manner. However, the realization that his dear friend is still alive. He was now disappointed by this time.

In a time of need, his genuine friend abandoned him. Joseph Trapanese wrote the song, however. The lyrics were co-written by the pair Trapanese and Joey Batey, and the Lengo Music label provided them to us. Learn more about it and the full lyrics by reading more about it.

Big Little Lies

This song’s trademark is the protracted “Oooooh,” which is accompanied by a warbling guitar. The true name of this song is “Cold Little Heart,” and it is performed by English vocalist Michael Kiwanuka.

The track is from Kiwanuka’s 2016 first album, Love and Hate. But it is known to you and a lot of other people as the name of a fantastic television program that was based on a book of the same name.

In a coastal community, everything revolves around secrets, family, violence, and death. The Cold Little Heart is the ideal theme song thanks to its words, warm melodies, eerie music, and Kiwanuka’s calming vocals. Of course, it’s also important to keep in mind the order of the words in each verse.

This is Us

Songs from a wide variety of performers have been featured this season. However, ‘Some Day Soon’ by Alexi Murdoch is the one we’re talking about here. This is Us’ season 1 finale and episode 4 both featured the song.

Murdoch is a folk singer and composer that has been featured in numerous entertainment productions with his work. This song may be found on his 2009 album “Towards the Sun.”

This singer/songwriter from London has a calming voice that perfectly captures the words in the track. He discusses his tight bond with his father in this passage. It’s important to listen to this music since it has uplifting beats and a rhythm that relaxes the listener.

La Casa de Papel/Money Heist

The theme song we associate with this violent series has a completely different meaning than the theme of the show. The song, “My Life is Going on,” was written by Cecilia Krull specifically for us.

To live the life you only get to live once, you must first have faith in yourself and establish your own rules. Setting life goals that are unconstrained by the outside world is therefore crucial. Why should you listen to attention to other people’s advice on how to live your life when you only have one?

Some listeners might find the track’s music to be a little too depressing. All of this is done to help you become more introspective and give what your life’s purpose is. As a result, it accurately captures the character’s emotional ups and downs as they occur in the context of the environment.

La Casa de Papel/Money Heist

Gilmore Girls

The songs in the seasons give us a deep, nuanced, and sincere look at a mother-daughter relationship, and this song says something about the series.

In this case, Carole King’s 1971 album Tapestry’s theme song is what we’re talking about. The phrase “Where you lead, I shall follow” appears in the title. These six words have deep depth and convey a message that is worth reflecting on.

In 2000, Carole brought it back to our attention alongside her daughter, Louise Goffin. Where the mother-daughter relationship is the main focus, there is a deep and unbreakable tie between the two female figures.


So here is a list of the top TV show soundtracks to listen to. Numerous reasons are seen on television. Each has a distinctive flair that we can associate with it. Some people do enjoy the music. Let’s be grateful for that.

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