How to Cancel ESPN Plus Subscription [7 Easy Ways]

ESPN+ allows sports fans to watch their favourite games without having to pay for cable or satellite. ESPN+ is a worthwhile service during the sports season, costing $4.99 a month. You can, however, cancel your ESPN Plus subscription once the season is over to save money. There are several methods to join up for ESPN Plus. You must follow the relevant cancellation procedure depending on how you signed up.

Users who signed up for the ESPN Plus free trial can also unsubscribe using these steps.

How to Cancel My ESPN+ Subscription on Web

Follow these instructions to cancel ESPN Plus if you purchased it through a computer browser on the ESPN website.

1: Go to espn.com/watch/espnplus in your browser.

2: If you’re logged out, sign in to your ESPN account.

3: Select ESPN+ Subscription from the profile icon in the right corner.

4: On the next screen, select Manage and then Cancel Subscription.

5: Confirm the cancellation by clicking Finish.

Note that your account will be active until the current billing month or free trial period ends.

How to Cancel ESPN Plus Subscription Over Phonecall

1: You can cancel your ESPN+ subscription over the phone if you forget your ESPN+ credentials or if you’re lazy.

1: Dial 1-800-727-1800 from your smartphone to contact ESPN+ customer service.

2: Provide all requested information to the customer service representative.

3: Explain why you’ve decided to cancel.

4: Request a confirmation email or letter after the cancellation is completed.

How to Cancel ESPN+ Subscription on Google Play Store

Follow these instructions to cancel your ESPN+ subscription on Android devices if you purchased it through Google Play.

1: Go to Google Play Store and tap the hamburger icon in the upper left corner.

2: Choose your subscriptions.

3: Select Cancel Subscription from the menu adjacent to the ESPN+ subscription.

4: To conclude the procedure, confirm your cancellation.

How to Cancel ESPN Plus on Google Play Website

1: Go to play.google.com in your browser.

2: Select My Subscriptions from the left-hand menu panel.
3: Next to ESPN+ subscription, click Manage.

4: Confirm the termination by selecting Cancel Subscription.

How to Cancel ESPN+ Subscription on Amazon Website

If you have an Amazon account and want to watch ESPN+ on your Firestick or other FireOS devices, use this method.

1: Go to amazon.com/appstoresubscriptions in your browser.

2: To sign in, enter your Amazon account login details.

3: Next to ESPN+ subscription, click Actions.

4: Select Cancel and confirm your subscription.

How to Cancel ESPN+ Subscription on iTunes (iPhone & iPad)

Your subscription will not be cancelled if you remove the ESPN app from your iPhone or iPad. It must be properly cancelled through iTunes settings.

1: Go to your iOS device’s Settings.

2: On the following page, tap the iCloud name and then Subscriptions.

3: Go to ESPN+ and cancel your subscription.

4: Complete the steps to terminate the subscription.

How to Cancel My ESPN+ Subscription on Apple iTunes (PCs)

To cancel your ESPN Plus subscription on Apple TV, follow these steps: Go to Settings –> Users & Accounts –> Select your account –> Subscriptions –> Select the ESPN+ subscription and cancel it.

1: On your PC, open iTunes and go to Account in the top navigation bar.

2: Select View My Account from the drop-down menu.

Sign in with your Apple ID if you’re logged out.

3: Go to the Settings menu by scrolling down.

4: Next to the Subscriptions menu, click Manage.

5: Locate ESPN+ and click the Edit button next to it.

6: To complete the process, click Cancel Subscription.

How to Cancel ESPN+ Subscription on Roku Website

1: Open a browser on a PC or smartphone and log into your Roku account.

2: Log in to the Roku account you used to register for ESPN+.

3: Navigate to Manage Subscriptions.

4: On the “My Subscriptions” page, next to ESPN+, click Unsubscribe.

You can terminate your ESPN+ subscription by sending an email to customer service. If none of the methods above work for you or you are unable to cancel your ESPN Plus subscription, you can contact ESPN+ support.

How to Cancel ESPN+ Subscription Through Email

1: Send a cancellation request to [email protected] using your email address.

2: Include your name, account number, payment method, and reason for cancellation in the correspondence.

3: You will receive a confirmation email saying that your subscription has been cancelled after 3-4 business days.

Final Thoughts

ESPN+ is the greatest streaming service for baseball, soccer, basketball, hockey, and a few other sports. Once the season is over, you must terminate the service. Otherwise, the next cycle’s subscription price will be charged automatically. Still having trouble cancelling your subscription? Please share your challenges in the comments area. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter if you’re interested in reading more stories.


1. What is the procedure for cancelling my ESPN Plus subscription?
There are nine different ways to cancel your ESPN+ subscription depending on your payment method. Choose a method that works for you.

2. Is it possible to get a refund on ESPN+?
You will not receive a refund from ESPN+, regardless of when you cancel. You can instead use ESPN+ until the next subscription cycle.

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