27 Best CartoonExtra Alternatives To Watch Cartoons 2022

Are you looking for cartoon extra alternatives online? Do you understand what a child enjoys the most? They love cartoons a lot, and my kids and I watched cartoons when we were younger since we wanted them. There are many streaming websites cartoonextra. that you may use to watch amazing animations for free!

The Top  CartoonExtra Alternatives For 2022

You can learn more about cartoonextra in this post by reading the information below;

Here, in this article, I’ll give you a comprehensive list of the best cartoonextra alternatives you can use to watch online animations and have fun with your kids. One such website is cartoonextra, a free website with a comprehensive collection of several well-liked animated television shows, movies, and amines.

There are many websites that offer cartoonextra alternatives in addition to cartoonextra. However, not all websites are user-friendly. Many of them contain fictitious animation chapters and episodes.

Describe Cartoonextra.

One of the most well-known websites for streaming cartoons online was Cartoonextra. To use the site is completely free. This was the primary driver of its popularity. Around the world, cartoonextra website was quite well-liked. It includes many animations,cartoonextra apk  including popular series like X-Men, Family Man, Gravity Falls, The Flintstones, Scooby-Doo, Batman, and The Tom and Jerry Show.

However, it has advertisements, which in my opinion, is incredibly annoying when using this website. Cartoonextra, like other websites, does not host any animation content on its server. It merely offers links to external platforms.

How did cartoonextra fare?

Due to some copyright issues, Cartoonextra was shut down in 2017. It also dealt with internal problems before the shutdown, such as availability and advertisements. There have been no updates from the Cartoonextra administrators to date. As a result of DMCA complaints, it can be shut down. My sources indicated that cartoonextra spongebob wouldn’t be coming back. Numerous imposter websites with names similar to cartoonextra are still active after the ban. I advise you to avoid them since they might be looking for you.

Is Cartoonextra prohibited?

Yes, the website cartoonextra is illegal. Because it enables users to stream copyrighted content without the required developer consent. Not just Cartoonextra but all streaming sites without a permit to stream are prohibited.

List of  Free Cartoonextra Alternatives for 2022

You can use some of the best websites I’ve selected as Cartoonextra alternatives. Please let me understand in the site box if any of the websites listed below are not functioning.

1. Soul Anime

Soul Anime

Soul Anime is a free anime website with some of the best animations, including episodes of BLEACH, NARUTO SHIPPUUDEN, Attack on Titan, and Yuri on Ice. One of the best sites for watching anime episodes in HD inspector gadget CartoonExtra Alternatives, it has a straightforward layout and contains a big library of anime lists and even manga.

2. CartoonCrazy


If you’re seeking a cartoon for sites like kisscartoon, Cartooncrazy is among the best CartoonExtra Alternatives. The best feature of Cartooncrazy is that you can find all the English-dubbed anime content there. Check out websites like Cartoon Crazy as well.

On CartoonCazy, you can discover a fantastic selection of content. Additionally, the website cartoonextra powerpuff girls offers a positive user experience that makes browsing and finding the information you need simple.

3. CartoonOn



The best thing about CartoonOn is its library of animations CartoonExtra Alternatives . You can find a variety of spirits there, and new animation series are added there fairly frequently so that you can quickly search for them and watch them for free.

The website’s excellent navigation and user-friendly type make it easy to discover the cartoons you enjoy quickly.

Since you may discover cartoonextra flintstones that are titled in the English language, the website is hugely popular in the USA, UK, and Canada.

4. AnimeRhino

Anime Rhino

AnimeRhino is a choice for you if you like to watch anime everywhere. If you love animals, AnimeRhino is the website for you. In addition to practically all anime series CartoonExtra Alternatives, it also has links to other cartoons.

The user experience on the site is good. I receive a lot of great traffic. The best thing about AnimeRhino is that you can utilize it to download cartoonextra avatar the airbender animated television series. Examine sites like AnimeFrenzy as well.

5. kimcartoon


On kimcartoons, you can discover almost any type of cartoon, except anime. Which website has the largest collection of cartoons CartoonExtra Alternatives, and which is the best? Which part is that while you are watching animations, the site won’t annoy you with advertisements.

The content is all free forever, and advertisements are displayed on the left or right side of the screen. You may quickly ignore the commercial and focus on watching the cartoons.

To enhance the user experience, the website also offers a dark backdrop choice that you cannot use.

6. Toonova


Toonova is ranked among the top Cartoon extra Reddit Alternatives. You may watch the most recent episodes of the cartoon as well as popular videos with Toonova. Regarding Toonova, there is a lot to love. To begin with, the website only publishes new, brief cartoon episodes. In contrast, everyone—even rigid cartoon lovers who won’t stay any longer than necessary—should try it after they are released. Convenience is not a problem because Toonova offers several mirrors for many episodes. This website is one of the best places to watch cartoons online.

7. Animepahe


One of the best sites for downloading and streaming anime on the internet is Animepahe. The Animepahe service is incredibly popular. You need an account and password to access Animepahe’s favor, although it offers a sizable database cartoonextra goof troop that lets users watch as many anime videos as they want. Even though users sometimes complain about animepahe downtime and it is pretty slow, it is still one of the best sites for anime videos, comparable to Watchcartoononline.

8. 9Anime


You may watch high-quality episodes of your favorite anime for nothing at 9Anime, a site that offers free streaming of free media CartoonExtra Alternatives. On this site, users are not charged to watch their preferred anime.

9anime is a fully functional anime pirate site, including anime videos. The top anime films from each season are archived on the website cartoonextra teen titans go. There are some cartoons accessible in compressed and high-definition formats.

9. KissAnime


KissAnime was a file-sharing site with an anime theme that let users stream or download anime and Japanese animated movies for free for personal use. It used to be a sibling site of KissManga, a well-known website for watching anime, which also offered a library of initially formatted manga and anime drawings. The ease of KissAnime’s interface, which provided users to upload their attributed”cartoonextra” best place clips with only little Java script understanding, contributed to its popularity. As a result, it has become a significant player in the file-sharing industry, with a rage that rivals that of YouTube and Metacafe.

10. Watchcartoononline.bz


An animated streaming website called Watchcartoononline.bz features only content related to cartoons, cartoon shows, vintage cartoons CartoonExtra Alternatives, etc. This site is made with children in mind. The site is accessible to users of all ages. With its extensive library of new and vintage cartoons in various languages, Watchcartoononline makes it simple for anybody to find classic cartoons from the 1970s and 1980s.

Not only are cartoons and anime available on the watchcartoononline website. There are movies and even TV series and movies from many countries CartoonExtra.

11. KissCartoon


A fantastic website called KissCartoon offers hundreds of well-liked animated movies and television episodes for free online viewing. They include several American animated movies, cartoons, and even Japanese animation. When I go home from work, I watch cartoons rusty rivets cartoonextra, and I can do that on this website.

KissCartoon has a significant selection of popular cartoon and other seasonal trailers. Your favorite animated films, TV shows, movies, and anime series’ trailers are available online.

12. AnimeToon


With the quality of an original cartoon, you may enjoy an endless supply of animation videos from popular media like anime on the fun website AnimeToon. Episodes from well-known anime series, including Naruto, Bleach, and Yu Hakusho are among the many various anime videos available on this site CartoonExtra Alternatives. The most recent is the Black Butler and Dragonball Z episodes.

13. 4Anime


Every anime fan should visit 4Anime immediately because it’s another great anime streaming website like CartoonExtra. Watch all your favorite anime online in HD with English SUB here the parent rap cartoonextra, and click a button to access unlimited downloads of top-rated animated films!

14. AnimeDaisuki


Another great source for free HD-quality anime that is both subbed and/or dubbed and has no ads on the site is AnimeDaisuki. One of the quickest sites cartoonextra grinch for viewing and making anime, new series are added as soon as an hour after they premiere in Japan.

15. Animania


Animania was a file-sharing site with an anime theme that let users stream or download anime and Japanese animated movies for free for personal use CartoonExtra Alternatives. It was initially a sibling website to Animania, another well-known anime-viewing webpage, which also offered a library of manga and anime drawings in various formats. The ease with which users with an only rudimentary knowledge of Java programming might upload their attributed anime clips offered to Animania’s popularity. Since then, it has grown to be a significant player in the file-sharing industry, with a rage that rivals that of YouTube and Metacafe.

16. WCOForever


You may watch and download cartoons and anime online at WCOForever, a website similar to cartoonextra. You may find much well-found anime and animation series on their website. Consumers can view and select anything they wish on their WCOForever website. The best and most well-liked location to watch anime cartoonextra paw patrols and cartoons. Both PCs and mobile devices can access the site.

On WCOForever, you can find dubbed cartoons, cartoonextra, and movie alternatives. The WCOForever website is easy to navigate and will appeal to fans of cartoons and anime. All cartoon series and movies are arranged by category, making it simple to find related content.

17. Nickelodeon


Nickelodeon has been around for a while and is best recognized for producing fantastic children’s programs that incorporate cartoons to help kids learn and grow up in a very enjoyable way. This justification from Nickelodeon appears in our list of the top cartoonextra alternatives.

The website’s design is vibrant, upbeat, and fun. The website also offers a huge selection of HD original cartoons, series cartoonextra, scooby doo, and episodes. This site is listed as one of the Best Sites, Like cartoonextra, to Watch Old Cartoon Shows.

18. Disney Junior

Disney Junior

Disney has played a significant part in our lives since our earliest memories. Walt Disney, one of the animation industry’s household names, is undoubtedly the best and most renowned creator of animated films and cartoons.

In addition to living up to expectations, Disney Junior is a great CartoonExtra Alternatives for binge-watching cartoons. The website is designed with children in mind. It is colorful and easily navigable. It has the renowned Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and a vast library of kids’ cartoons. Well, this site is among the best places that resemble Cartoon Network.

19. YouTube Cartoons

YouTube Cartoons

You are aware that YouTube reigns supreme when it comes to online videos. It is the most widely used website for internet video watching. You can find a ton of cartoons that suit your needs here. It would help if you typed the cartoon’s name in the search box to watch your chosen cartoon. The most pertinent cartoonextra star vs cartoons video will then appear on the results page, where you should click to watch it. While watching the film, the most relevant videos will appear in the right sidebar. Then, you may click and watch your preferred videos by clicking on them. Check out alternatives to Boomerang as well.

20. Crunchyroll


In the entire world, Crunchyroll boasts the largest library of anime CartoonExtra Alternatives. Furthermore, even though it is a premium account, you can watch some of its content for free. The part where you may watch videos without any ads is fantastic. The desired videos can also be downloaded so you can watch them later.

It boasts the largest collection of authorized anime streaming titles and is accessible everywhere. By signing up for a free account, you can watch your favorite anime and cartoons on your TV, computer, or smartphone anytime CartoonExtra Alternatives. In addition to anime, this website will also provide you with the most recent news and information on anime programs. A website that resembles cartoonextra is this one.

21. JustDubs


One of the best sites similar to cartoonextra is JustDubs. One of the best and most great places to stream anime online is this. Here, one can watch their preferred anime and CartoonExtra Alternatives with subtitles. The database also includes videos that have been dubbed.

By logging into the website, you can quickly access all the contents that JustDubs offer without accessing a subscription service. You will be entirely happy with this platform, a complete entertainment hub geared primarily toward children. So try it out.

22. GoGoAnime


It is exclusively evident from the platform’s name alone that it caters only to anime fans CartoonExtra Alternatives. On the site GoGoAnime, you may watch popular shows, movies, and ongoing series. You may watch them quite easily while traveling or sitting at home. There are English subtitles for every anime and cartoon series. You may test it out on the cartoonextra alternatives website. It is one of the best options for watching cartoons.

23. AnimeHeaven


One of the top online anime streaming sites is AnimeHeaven. You can take advantage of this service by visiting the website and selecting the anime or cartoon series you want. The videos can also have subtitles. As a result, no subscription charge is required for you to enjoy anime here. The newest animes, cartoons, and videos are frequently added to this website CartoonExtra Alternatives. You may now enjoy high-quality videos on this site, and you’ll love AnimeHeaven.

24. Netflix


These days, Netflix is getting a lot of recognition and popularity. Almost everyone who enjoys watching movies and series shows will have a Netflix subscription. It’s quite handy to watch thousands of anime and cartoons on Netflix. Additionally, you may watch it on your system or smartphone. With the aid of the search toolbar, you may easily find your favorite cartoon or series show. Even though there are ads between the videos, they don’t happen very often, so you won’t notice them much. Netflix is a highly viable alternative for cartoonextra.

25. Animeland


The best website for mobile users to access anime is AnimeLand. It is a highly responsive page. With only a mobile device or system with reliable internet connectivity, you may watch your favorite anime series from AnimeLand anytime and anywhere. This website’s database has a ton of sequels and cartoons that you may access for free CartoonExtra Alternatives. The best alternatives for cartoonextra might be this website.

26. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

Online cartoon viewing is fantastic with Amazon Prime. Although it is paid, you can join up for a free trial of 30 days and cancel your subscription at any time. One hundred million users utilize it worldwide. There are a ton of cartoons, movies, TV shows, biographies, and other lots you may look for here. It completely satisfies your needs. Every show is available to watch without interruptions here. Pop-ups and other harmful ads can’t bother you. The quality is fantastic, and the interface is excellent.

27. Anilinkz


cartoonextra is one of the best alternatives, like Anilinkz. that lets you watch complete cartoon episodes. It features a big database that contains many different animation series CartoonExtra Alternatives. The website is simple and easy to use. Thus there is no need to register to use it. Open the location to find your preferred products quickly and free-stream them.

Like other CartoonExtra Alternatives, it offers two ways to find your favorite content: browse categories and type the series title in the search box. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, the press plays to begin surfing quickly and limitlessly.


The 27 fantastic CartoonExtra Alternatives are listed above. You can access your favorite items without interruption, thanks to it. So check out sites like cartoonextra and discover which one best suits you.

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