Top 10 Best Methods Share Your Location with Friends

Let’s face it, we have all wanted to let friends or family members know where we are at a given moment. But the time when a laptop was required to indicate our location on a map was long past. These days, we may use our smartphones to share our locations.

With cell phones, sharing our whereabouts with friends and family is incredibly simple. You can download a selection of third-party applications on your Android device to share your location with friends and family.

Top 10 Best Methods to Share Your Location with Friends and Family

You have therefore arrived at the appropriate location if you’re looking for information on such apps. The best Android apps for sharing your  with friends and family are listed in this article. Let’s examine the apps.



Mobile GPS Tracker

Family Finder


Family Locator Life360

Safe & Family Locator

Find My Friends


Maps on Google

1 GoeZilla


You must first establish a group and invite your friends, family, or coworkers before using this app. Once you’ve added them, you’ll be able to see where each group member is at any given time.

The app is lightweight and simple to use. You can even strike up a chat with group members while sharing a how-to share location with family.

2. Glympse


A pass app for Windows, iPhone, and Android is called Glympse. Using this app, you may share both your location and your destination with others.

How to share your location on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as via Skype or WhatsApp messaging.

3. GPS Phone Tracker

GPS Phone Tracker

As the name suggests, this is a location-monitoring app that lets you add friends or family members and establish connections with them. Share your friends your code via WhatsApp, email, messaging, and other channels.

You can easily share your locations with your associated members by turning on the location service after you’ve established connections.

4. Family Locator

 Family Locator

In terms of software, this program is extremely comparable to the Life360 Family Locator app. The ability to identify safe zones and hazardous zones on a map is the single feature that sets this software apart from others.

Everyone in the group will be notified when a member of the group enters the zone. Another distinctive feature of this app is the ability for the group administrator to enable an invisible mode to conceal other group members.

5. Messenger


The Android version of the Facebook Messenger app has recently received a new location-sharing feature. Using the Messenger app, you can share your pals where you are right now.

The sole restriction is that location sharing is only available to Facebook users. This means that you cannot use Messenger to share your location with users who do not use Facebook.

6. Life360 Family Locator

 Life360 Family Locator

Anyone in the family with access to this app can use it to find one another on a map and determine their exact location. This app allows you to mark specific places on a map as your home or place of employment.

Every time a member of the group enters or exits the location, everyone in the group will be informed. Devices running Android, iPhone, and Windows can all use this application.

7. Family Locator & Safety

Family Locator & Safety

As the name suggests, it’s a free procedure that enables you to keep in touch with friends and family. The ability to track your location in real-time on a map is Family Locator & Safety’s finest feature.

A private chat feature for chatting with friends and the family locator is also included in Family Locator & Safety. Family Locator & Safety is a fantastic Android app for sharing your present location, so that’s another one.

These are the most effective techniques to inform your loved friends of your family. I sincerely hope you found this information beneficial. Please also forward it to your friends. Please let us know in the comments area below if you are aware of any other comparable apps.

8. Find My Friends

Find My Friends

One of the most downloaded Android apps on the Play Store is Find My Friends. Users of Find My Friends can share their precise location with friends and family, which is an advantage.

Additionally, the app leverages the GPS on your device to share your location while allowing you to chat with your pals. Another fantastic Android app for sharing real-time location information is Find My Friends.

9. WhatsApp


The most recent version of WhatsApp has a feature that lets users broadcast their real-time location to their friends. But first, open the chat window for the person you want to share your location with, click the Plus button, and then select the location.

Choose “Send Your Current Location” from the list of options if you like. After that, a warning will appear, and you must select “OK.” Before pressing the Send button, you must first decide how long you wish to share your Live location.

Because they will be aware of your location, your friends or family members would be able to follow your every move.

10. Google Maps

Google Maps

Users may now share their current location in real-time with others using a feature that has been added to Google Maps for Android. However, you can only send the address to your Google Contacts.

Open Google Maps on your Android device and select Menu > Location Sharing > Add People. The first step is to determine who you want to share your live with, followed by choosing how long you want to share it. When finished, press the “Share” button.

This is how Google Maps for Android allows you to share your current location with friends and family.


The Best Ways to Share Your Location with Family and Friends are now available to you. I sincerely hope you found this information beneficial. Please share this with your friends as well. Please let us know if you have any further recommendations for apps that are similar. Goodbye!

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