How to Install Popcorn Time on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

You may watch HD movies and TV shows with the free software Popcorn Time. It’s characterized as Netflix for pirates since it offers free access to copyrighted content. Popcorn Time searches the internet for downloads and streams them, so it is not officially available on any streaming platforms. Android, Windows, Mac, Android TV, Linux, and iOS still support Time. On iOS (iPad and iPhone), Time cannot be downloaded directly, but it may be installed without jailbreaking your device.

How to Install Popcorn Time on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Here are some details regarding popcorn time for iPhones in this article;

How to install Popcorn Time on iOS (iPhone and iPad) without Jailbreaking?

You cannot install Popcorn Time since it is not officially offered on the App Store. Alternatively, you might attempt to install Popcorn Time download mac on your iPhone or iPad by utilizing the iOS installer provided on the official PopcornTime ios installer website. The steps listed below should help you install this app on your iOS device:


(2) After downloading, launch and install the application file.


(3) The entire procedure only takes a few minutes. After that, carry out the subsequent steps.

Recall this before you open the Popcorn Time iOS setup file. Verify the computer to verify if iTunes is installed (Windows or Mac). You’ll need to install iTunes on your computer if you don’t already have it there to sync your iPhone or iPad.

(4) After starting the iOS file installation, plug in your iOS device.

(5) Choose Trust when prompted.

(6) turn on Airplane mode on an iOS device when the installation process starts. No changes should be made to it until the installation is complete.

(7) After the installation is finished, open the file without turning off Airplane mode.

(8) The user can now open the Popcorn Time program file, which will generate a fresh pop-up window. Active faith.

(9) turn on the Airplane mode on your iOS device.

(10) The task is finally complete. Users of Popcorn Time for Mac can view their preferred TV shows, films, and series without connecting their iOS device to their PC.


Our Opinion:

One of the greatest free online video streaming apps for iPhone and iPad, Popcorn Time has a user-friendly interface. As previously said, Time streams content for free, which is against the law. The  Time substitutes MediaBox HD, CotoMovies, Showbox, and MovieBox are available.

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