Top 5 SmallPDF Alternatives (and Why They’re Better) for 2022

The dispute over which PDF editor is superior than its competitors arises from our varied and distinct experiences with each tool. SmallPDF is a PDF document editor that takes pleasure in its large 21 PDF capabilities. These tools are needed for a variety of editing, writing, and converting to a file format tasks that produce the best results for your documents.

As additional PDF firms arise in the digital technology sector, a number of them have attempted to keep their membership rates below SmallPDF’s pro price of $108 while providing almost identical advantages. In this article, we will explore five PDF editors, focusing on their distinct features and prices, which will make any one of them a suitable replacement for SmallPDF as your go-to PDF editor.

Top 5 SmallPDF Alternatives (and Why They’re Better) for 2022

1. UPDF – Free PDF Editor Desktop Offline

UPDF – Free PDF Editor Desktop Offline

The only bad thing about SmallPDF is that you can only process a certain number of files in a day. The UPDF was made so that all PDF users can use it for free, and it wants you to think of it as a top choice. Talking about a better assistant in a single cross-platform app, the UPDF tries to give you the best performance as your guide to keep your productivity at its highest level. It helps you complete any PDF task, like taking notes, filling out forms, or combining text and images, by choosing the best toolset and providing you a great user experience. It helps you complete any PDF task, like taking notes, filling out forms, or combining text and images, by choosing the best toolset and providing you a great user experience.

Wrapping everything up with this hot pick, all PDF tools in UPDF do not cost any of your money just so you can get a subscription that feels like a premium service. When UPDF says that it is a 100% free PDF editor, it is not joking. It means that you get every PDF tool that exists in UPDF without having to pay for them. UPDF can only be installed on a desktop computer that runs either Windows or Mac.

2. iLove PDF

iLove PDF

ILove PDF is another another PDF editor with a wide variety of tools for working with PDF documents, particularly to merge, divide, and organise them. Additionally, this PDF editor includes a tool for converting PDF documents to any of the formats it supports. Because of the intuitive layout of its user interface, practically anybody can feel these plans into action with minimal effort.

However, iLove PDFs’s premium subscription service, which is worth $48 per year, locks you into processing documents limitless values and gaining access to their mobile and desktop platforms. When compared to SmallPDF’s pro package, which costs $108 annually, this is $60 cheaper. Any of these browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Explorer +10, and Safari) are ideal for using iLovePDF. You may get their installer for Windows, Mac, iOS (through the App Store), and Android (via Google Play) so you can use it without an internet access.

3. Sejda Online PDF Editor Free

Sejda Online PDF Editor Free

With its enhanced PDF alteration methods including annotating, signing, writing, altering, or removing content, Sejda has made its way onto our list. You can also insert images and doodle on the PDF with this editor! Further, Sejda allows you to include hypertext links that attribute the text to wherever you’d want.

Given its remarkable ability to produce documents without watermarks, Sejda’s main issue is the fact that its most basic version has a limit of just 50 MB for file size, making it unable to accept PDF documents of enormous quantities. If you’re looking for an alternative, consider Sejda. A annual membership to both the online and desktop editions will set you back $63 USD. If you compare that to SmallPDF’s annual cost of $108 (which includes both licences), you’ll see a savings of $45 in the long run. Any device with an Internet connection may use Sejda PDF Online. Meanwhile, it’s desktop version is cross-platform and free for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems to grab.

4. Soda PDF

Soda PDF

The PDF editor that Soda PDF commits to provide will give users back control over their documents. It promises to be the quickest converter available, allowing you to make changes to your PDF files to a wide variety of supported file formats in a matter of seconds. It commits blazingly fast conversion documents and impressive graphic quality for the converted files. Also gives you the ability to change the order of pages, insert and delete bookmarks, and change the font, colour, size, and other properties of page and pictures.

Soda PDF desktop’s 3D page-flipping technology is intriguing because it makes every digital PDF page turn like a real book. The annual membership for this PDF editor begins at $84 per year, which is $24 less than the yearly premium access cost of SmallPDF. The desktop version of Soda PDF is compatible with both Windows and Mac systems, while the online version may be accessed from any WiFi-enabled device.

5. Online2PDF


To accomplish standard PDF editing tasks like merging and unlocking password-protected PDF documents, you may use Online PDF Converter, a web-based PDF tool. PDF compression, viewing, picture conversion, encryption/decryption, Excel conversion, and page layout are all free.

The website’s appearance is flat and antiquated, but that’s what makes the tool easy to use because the alerting prompts come once you choose the tool you want to use. The best thing about Online2PDF is that it is completely single. Its features and design may not be on par with the aforementioned PDF editors, but considering that it is completely free to use, it is hardly a disaster. Because Online2PDF may only be accessed using a web browser, constant access to the Internet is required.

As a result of the proliferation of PDF editors, it can be difficult for customers to determine which option is best. This is especially true if you are looking to spend your money wisely. This article has shown that the pro version of SmallPDF is the most costly price while having features that are comparable to those of other options.

While it’s true that not everyone has the same opinion on the best PDF editor, this article aims to assist you make more informed judgments about how to spend your money. Our ultimate goal is to find a piece of software that will provide the necessary boost to productivity in order to complete documents quickly and effectively on a daily basis. SmallPDF is a PDF document editor that takes pleasure in its large 21 PDF capabilities.


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