5 Best Lawn Care Service of 2023

With the help of a skilled lawn care service, you can maintain the lushness and greenness of your lawn. Read our in-depth guide to the best lawn care service company in 2021 if you’re unclear about which one is the best. Although every homeowner desires a beautiful lawn, not everyone has the time or resources to commit to creating the ideal backyard. If homeowners want their lawn to be the envy of the neighborhood but lack the necessary knowledge, tools, or time to conduct the task themselves, professional lawn care services are the best option.

5 Best Lawn Care Service of 2023

It might be challenging to choose a lawn care service that is safe for you and your lawn from the numerous available around the nation. evaluating and rating a variety of lawn care services based on crucial factors like plans, services, and customer service quality, among others. Our top five recommendations, which range from complete all-in-one lawn services to specialized DIY subscriptions, have been thoroughly evaluated.

1. TruGreen: Best Lawn Care Company

TruGreen is perhaps the first company that comes to mind when thinking of lawn care. 2.3 million residential and commercial clients throughout 49 states are served by the company.

Pricing & Services

The Better Business Bureau gave it an A+ rating.

– 47 years of experience.

Services & Costs
This Care Plans with TruComplete, TruHealth, and TruMaintenance
a Care with TruNatural SM
$259 (Aeration) = $92.95 (x7), $92.95 (x6), and $177.95 (x7) Rate:$ 92.95 ($92.95 x 7) and ($177.95 × 6) (x5). In addition to providing a la carte services like pest control, TruGreen sets itself apart from its rivals by providing a choice of five annual plans. This enables homeowners to tailor their lawn care, which may include, among other things, overseeding, aeration, and fertilization.

The benefits of the company transcend the range of its programs and activities. It distinguishes out for its dedication to customer service with a mobile app, an online chat function that enables clients to connect with employees in real-time, and the Healthy Lawn GuaranteeTM. If the client is unhappy, a TruGreen professional will return as frequently as necessary between scheduled check-outs to re-treat without charging extra (for full-program clients just).

The $46.48 preliminary application fee is the only other factor to think about. The TruNatural SM Lawn Care Plan has a slightly higher initial application charge of $88.98.

Why Can We Choose TruGreen?

TruGreen only employs excellent individuals who are TruExpert SM Certified Specialists and who have completed a 10-day training program covering a broad range of topics, including agronomics and lawn safety. To receive a free quote from TruGreen, call 1-866-817-2287 or complete this form.

2. Sunday: Best DIY Lawn Care

Lawn Care Innovator The industry adopts a DIY slant on Sundays.

– State Coverage: This applies to all 50 states.

On the BBB scale, N/A.

Services and Costs. – Number of Years in Business:

Personalized Lawn Care Plan: Limited Supply Seeds for fescue grass Seed for fescue grass (5lbs) Seeds for Bermuda Grass: Time in Bermuda (5lbs) Weed Warrior + Dandelion Doom Pack

The cost is $119$ 29$ 34$ 20, with a minimum purchase of $119$.

Sunday doesn’t send knowledgeable lawn care specialists to your lawn to handle a comprehensive list of upkeep and maintenance duties. Instead, the company sends you a personalized membership box with lawn care necessities like fertilizer and weed control that are specifically suited to your grass’s needs. You never have to worry about when to mow your lawn because the sets contain a lot of fertilizers and are supplied annually.

Why Did We Pick Sunday?

Sunday is dedicated to yard care in all 50 states. In 2019, more than 10,000 pounds of chemicals were taken out of yards on just one Sunday. Among the safe, all-natural ingredients in its kits are seaweed, molasses, and iron. For those who enjoy doing their lawn care but don’t mind getting their hands dirty, the service is the best choice. To learn more about how Sunday might benefit your lawn, get your free lawn analysis.

3. Lawn Love: Best for Customization

In the traditional sense, Lawn Love isn’t a lawn care business. Instead, it’s a website that links you to local lawn care services. Lawn Love will take note of your requirements, look for the solutions you need, and put you in touch with the business that best satisfies your demands. This suggests that your lawn service can be flexibly modeled.

– BBB Grade: B. 40 states and Washington, D.C. are available.

– 7 years in operation

Pricing & Services

Depending on the services customers choose, Lawn Love’s rates will change. A weekly lawn service near Atlanta, which includes mowing, maintenance, and fertilizer, costs $57 per service example. Businesses that have joined Lawn Love offer services such as leaf removal, lawn seeding, gutter cleaning, weed control, and lawn aeration.

Pricing & Services

If you’re searching for a single package that takes care of all of your lawn care needs, Lawn Love is a fantastic company to work with. Customers can customize their  plans at Lawn Love, which is more of an aggregator site, to get any service they’re looking for as well as the frequency of service. Lawn Love can provide you with a free lawn analysis to help you find a local company that is right for you.

4. Weed Man: Best Pest Control Services

Both a variety of specialty a la carte services and a broad range of lawn care services are provided by Weed Man. Over 50 years ago, it started as a  company that specialized in the removal of all kinds of weeds. With targeted weed control that has eliminated everything from moss to crabgrass and required to specify, it has expanded while remaining true to its original principles.

– 48 states, except Alaska and Hawaii, are accessible.

A+ rating from the BBB.

51 years of experience

Pricing & Services

A wide range of industry-standard services is offered by Weed Man. To satisfy all of your lawn care needs, the business makes an effort to create a lawn care program. Fertilizer, overseeding, aeration, crabgrass control, fire ant control, mole control, and soil pH control are just a few of the lawn care plans offered by Weed Man. In addition to other insect control services, Weed Man also provides mosquito treatment and perimeter lawn pest control.

Why Did We Pick Weed Man?

For the best possible lawn health, Weed Man provides organic lawn dressing and other ecologically friendly lawn care choices. The top business also fertilizes its clients’ lawns with a unique fertilizer made for golf courses. Learn more about Weed Man’s services and obtain a quote on the business’ website.

5. Lawn Doctor: Best Guarantee

With a focus on customization, Lawn Doctor operates a little differently than many of its top rivals. To decide the best approach for their lawn and create a specialized plan, lawn care pros first conduct thorough lawn research.

39 states are accessible. – State Availability

The Better Business Bureau gave it an A+ rating.

54 years of business experience

Pricing & Services

Lawn Doctor’s Turf Tamer equipment can be used for treatments including lawn fertilizer and grub control, as well as power planting. Pre-event treatment, one of its pest control services, clears your lawn of mosquitoes before a barbecue or outdoor wedding. Lawn Doctor also provides Mower Maintenance services to help your lawn mower last longer when you need to perform your lawn care.

Why Did We Pick Lawn Doctor?

Excellent lawn care choices are available from Lawn Doctor. The company offers the Lawn Doctor an absolute satisfaction guarantee with all of its services. This means that the company will either return and resubmit an application at no cost to you or refund the entire cost of your application if you are unhappy with the results.


You should rely on a reputable company or subscription service if you want to create a beautiful lawn. The top lawn care services now available are TruGreen, Sunday, and Lawn Love, in our opinion. Each is of high caliber and offers a fair amount of advantages.

With an intuitive online chat tool and mobile app for customer service, TruGreen offers the most plans across most areas. Sunday provides customers with expertly formulated, nutrient-rich  kits via a subscription service, taking a do-it-yourself approach to lawn care. To assist you choose which company is best for you, we usually suggest getting quotations from several different ones.

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