How to Fix Surface Keyboard Not Working

To fix the problems with the Surface keyboard, disconnect and reconnect it.

Microsoft provides a lot of choices in terms of using it as a tablet or a powerful personal computer. Surface devices are powerful enough to function well, multitask well, and robust build. Also, the device’s unique characteristic of being able to be used as a tablet would be a fantastic addition. However, the problem with the Surface keyboard is real. The Surface keyboard has been reported as malfunctioning by users.

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Sticky keyboard buttons, broken keys, missing texts, and a few other wear-and-tear difficulties are among the most prevalent challenges presented by users. There are many effective ways to solve this issue and continue to use the keyboard without a problem.

Methods to Solve Surface Keyboard Not Working Issue

A few simple troubleshooting approaches can quickly resolve the Surface keyboard issue. Check for any pending updates before you begin troubleshooting. Simple updates can sometimes resolve Surface keyboard difficulties.

Step 1: Reboot Surface

Restarting devices can sometimes address complicated problems. The Surface can be again started to get a fresh start. Follow these steps to reset your Surface device.

1. Remove the keyboard from the Surface and turn it on again.

2. Reconnecting the keyboard should restart and start the device. If the problem persists, attempt the following procedures.

Step 2: Perform Two-Button or Forced Shutdown on Surface

If the Surface device is still not responding, rebooting it will not cure the problem. The keyboard could also be unresponsive. As a result, the user must follow particular procedures when working with Surface models. Do the following for a two-button shutdown.

1. Press & hold the power button for half a minute before releasing it. Hold the power button and the volume-up button simultaneously for 15 seconds.

Surface Keyboard Not Working 2. The Surface device would shut down as a result.

3. Turn on the smartphone and wait 10 seconds to see if the keyboard works.

A force shutdown can be performed on Surface models 3,2 and RT by holding the power button for 10 seconds and then turning on the computer to see if it works.

Step 3: Check the Keyboard

Check for any physical damage or spillage on the Surface keyboard. To see if it works, try connecting it to another Surface device. The problem is with the preceding device’s settings or connectivity if it works. The user is free to continue with the troubleshooting procedure.

If the keyboard on the new Surface device is still unreliable, the only solution is to get it replaced or fixed.

Step 4: Detach and clean the connectors

The frequently happening and the most common reason for the keyboard not working is the accumulation of dust on the connecter. It is prone to occur if the keyboard is not maintained or cleaned for a longer run. In that case, detach and clean the keyboard connectors and keys with soft alcohol or q-tip and let it dry for a while. Then, try to plug in the keyboard and turn on the PC to check if it is working.

Step 5: Check for Update or Reinstall your Driver

To function correctly, the keyboard driver must be kept up to date. It’s because Microsoft is constantly updating and improving the drivers. Install the relevant keyboard driver as well to ensure proper operation. If you’re having trouble finding the right or most recent option, numerous apps on the market can help you find it. It also walks the user through the driver installation process.

Step 6: Reset Surface Device

Any defective files on the computer could also be causing the keyboard to stop working. As a result, it is preferable to save a comprehensive backup of all data on the device before attempting to reset it.

1. Go to the Start menu and choose “Setting.”

2. Select the “Recovery” option from the “Update & Security” menu.

Reset the device 3. Choose the “Get Started” option, which gives the user the opportunity of keeping their files or doing a factory reset.

4. Select the first option to keep the files and reset the computer. If the issue continues, consider doing a factory reset.

5. Reset the device. This is the final option for determining whether the Surface keyboard is operational.


Taking it to the service facility isn’t the only choice when something goes wrong. It is preferable to try the methods listed above to see if the problem is fixed. After attempting all feasible solutions, the user can have it repaired or replaced if the problem persists.

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