How To Delete All Messages in Discord

Discord is a great app for interacting with friends and creating strong ties. One of the administrative challenges of managing a busy Discord server is keeping track of previous messages, especially when you want to delete offensive or undesirable comments.

Although the main reason why many people use Discord is for its audio chat feature. Text chat options on the platform are also quite well-liked. Discord is primarily a gaming platform, but as it has gained more users, text chat has become increasingly important.

Depending on the size of your how-to delete discord messages if you want to get rid of any erroneous messages or just start again, thousands of messages may flood your text chat. Understanding the quickest method to clear the backlog on your server is crucial.

How To Delete All Messages in Discord

I’ll show you how to manage the message backlog on your Discord server in this post, including how to delete every message.


The two text message messages that are available in Discord are Direct Messaging and Channel Messages.

Individual Messages:

Two users are engaged in a private conversation here.

The Channel’s messages:

These are text chats that the entire group participates in on a certain channel.

Each type of message operates differently and according to specific rules. Using the Discord app’s native user interface, administrators could bulk delete or erase messages when Discord first launched. Too many admins mass-deleting messages at once caused damage to the Discord databases.

As a result, the native UI no longer has this capability. Fortunately, you can still delete every message from your Discord clear chat server, even though it’s not as easy as it once was.


On Discord, a Direct Message cannot technically be deleted. To erase messages from displaying, simply close the chat box. You can also remove a message’s copy to get rid of it from your history. However, the message is still present on the Discord servers and in the recipient’s chat window. How to erase your local copy is as follows:

1 Step:

Select Message from the drop-down menu when you right-click the person with whom you have exchanged direct messages.

2 Step:

Tap the X that appears when you hover over the chat in the Direct Message window on the left side of the screen.

3 Step:

The conversation is coming to a close, at least on your end. Don’t touch the X on any communications you want to keep and make sure there isn’t a confirmation dialogue.

That is all there is to it if you only want to conceal a few Direct Message exchanges. To remove channel messages, take the following actions.


Like direct communications, channel messages can be removed using a variety of techniques.

In Discord, there are three ways to remove channel messages.


Deleting all messages from Discord manually is the first approach. The process is as follows:

1 Step:

Open the text channel that contains the message you wish to delete to get started.

2 Step:

The three-dot icon will display on the far right once you move the mouse cursor over the message. Tap the icon to open the menu, then choose Delete.

3 Step:

This will open a new window asking you to confirm your option. Hit the Delete button to delete something.

If you only need to get rid of a few problematic messages, this works well.
It’s not the ideal method for getting rid of several text messages, though.

Use one of the methods below to delete messages.


The second method for clearing Discord chat involves using a bot designed specifically to delete messages. Discord bots come in a variety. However, the MEE6 bot is now the most well-liked among Discord server managers. It is simple to install the MEE6 Bot.

1 Step:

Go to your Discord server and log in to get started.

2 Step:

then visit the official MEE6 website.

3 Step:

To enable the bot to operate on your server, select Add to Discord and then tap Authorize.

4 Step:

Select which server is most appropriate.

5 Step:

Then, MEE6 will ask for your consent to erase messages from your account. When prompted, tap the Authorize button.

6 Step:

Enable the Moderation Plugin from the MEE6 control panel. You may erase emails and more with MEE6 by utilizing a variety of instructions.

You can use certain commands to send clear messages once you’ve permitted them. Use! Type “clear @username” to delete a user’s past 100 messages. Use! Put an apostrophe there! Type clear 1000 to delete the channel’s most recent 1000 messages. You can change the number to reflect how many messages you want to delete, but 1000 is the number.

This is without a doubt the simplest number to delete many messages at once.


The last option is to clone the channel and remove all of the messages on it if the MEE6 clear chat substitute does not work for you. However, it does not copy the channel’s previous message history; instead, it requires creating a new clone of the channel.

1 Step:

Make a list of all the bots you currently have on the channel to start, as channel cloning does not always copy them.

2 Step:

Then click the channel you wish to copy and choose “clone” from the context menu.

3 Step:

Select the Clone Channel option item.

4 Step:

The copied channel can then optionally be given a new name.

5 Step:

To create a channel, just click the button.

6 Step:

Delete the previous channel.

7 Step:

Any necessary bots should be added to the newly created channel.

When a Discord channel is copied, all of the users from the original channel are also included, and their permissions are renewed. Additionally, starting over is simpler than starting over with a new channel.

Your new channel has the same parameters as the old channel, and all of the previous messages have been deleted.

Final Word:

Finally, here is everything you need to know about Discord’s Clear Chat or Remove Chat functions. Please let us know if you have any further queries or worries in the comments area below.

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