Discover Easy Methods To Retrieve Your LinkedIn Account Without Email

Many of the specialists whose profiles I use on LinkedIn are no longer accessible to me. To create an account, they use an old email address, and they send emails with links to reset passwords to inactive old email addresses. Despite the difficulty of the situation, there is still optimism.

Because of an unexpected job loss or change in employment, a change in your company’s email address, a failure to update your email address,

Discover Easy Methods To Retrieve Your LinkedIn Account Without Email

or a change in your business Linkedin account, you want to know how to recover your account after deletion.

Download the Chrome Extension

ContactOut is one of the best resources I’ve come across. To access your email address and sign into your LinkedIn account, use this tool. After adding the ContactOut extension to Chrome, please wait for it to add.

After that, you can sign up for Gmail without spending any money. Go to the LinkedIn profile you want to access using your new Linkedin account after receiving access through ContactOut. For the time being, we’ll take Bill Gates’ profile as an example. Click the extension, and then select Contact Out from the drop-down menu. Click View to see the entire email in its entirety and copy it.

Login LinkedIn Account Using a Different Email

According to LinkedIn, you should log in using the account’s backup email address (as recommended above). Any email address associated with your account can be used to log into the platform.

If you can access your email account but can’t remember your password, you can reset it by doing the following: After successfully signing in, add a second email address or phone number to your account so you can access it whenever you want the Linkedin account link. If you can’t see the link to reset your password, check how to fix a email issue.

Identify Yourself

Recover a LinkedIn account without address information (phone, email). You can prove your identity and try to recover your account if you are unable to reset your password or do not have access to the second email address linked to your account.

LinkedIn uses technology to handle encrypted scans of government-issued IDs to enable you to access your account as quickly and securely as possible. The personal information you provide will only be used by LinkedIn to identify you, and it will only be kept on file while the problem with your account is being repaired.

You’ll Need To Get Started,

  • A PC or smartphone with a webcam.
  • A driver’s license, passport, or official ID card may be used as identification.
  • You can connect with LinkedIn using this contact email address. Access to your computer’s user interface

On a desktop, adhere to these steps:

  • You will be requested to take a photo of your ID with your smartphone or camera when you begin authenticating your identification.
  • Follow the on-screen directions and enter your email address for to find.
  • When I click the next page, I am unable to access my email address. will receive an email requesting a new address.
  • You will then be requested to present a valid passport or another form of government identification.
  • When you submit the form, LinkedIn will review it and get in touch with you if more assistance is required. It can receive anywhere from 24 hours to a few days to have it back.

Wait a while

When your account is recovered, LinkedIn Customer Support will receive an email with an automatic response. It often takes 24 hours to get it back. They properly checked your ID before giving you instructions for the following step and then turned on the boiler!

How To Modify Your LinkedIn account Login Password

Enter your login credentials into your LinkedIn account to log in.
Click on your profile photo in the top right corner of the screen after logging in.
From the drop-down box, choose Settings & Privacy.
After that, choose the Sign-in and Security tab from the list on the left.
Next, select Change Password from the drop-down menu.
Please enter your current password in the box below.
If you’ve saved your password in your browser for automatic entry, all you have to do now is click on it. After that, create a new password. Enter the new password in the next area to confirm.
Click the Save button to update your LinkedIn password after making your changes.
To recover your account if you’ve lost your LinkedIn email credentials, follow these steps.


With a website and mobile app, LinkedIn is a business- and employment-focused social networking service. Employers publish job opportunities on this website, which is especially useful for professional networking, and job seekers upload resumes. Comparable to LinkedIn are the websites Xing, Summary, AngelList, and others.

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