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How to Connect Nintendo Switch to Laptop


With its tiny device setup, the Nintendo Switch has changed the game business. Smaller screens aren’t necessarily ideal for gaming. They always require a large screen in order to have a better experience. You may connect the device to a laptop and utilise its screen as a monitor to play the game on larger screens. Connecting the Nintendo Switch to your laptop does not require any technical knowledge. Using the Nintendo Dock, connecting is simple.

Connect Nintendo Switch to Laptop

A Nintendo Dock is required to connect the Nintendo Switch. It has an HDMI connection. HDMI cables are required to connect the Switch to your laptop. However, while your laptop has an HDMI output connector, we need a port that can accept the input. So you’ll need an HDMI input that you can convert to a USB output. A Game Capture Card will be required.

The HDMI output and input, as well as the USB port, are all included in the game Capture Card. It will assist you in transferring connectivity to your laptop’s operating system. Use a sound-quality capture card if possible.

The following are the prerequisites for the system:

1.The Nintendo Switch is a video game console that was released in 2017.

2.Nintendo Dock for Laptop – The Game Capture Card cannot be connected to your Switch. To create the connection, you’ll obviously need your Nintendo Dock.

3.Game Capture Card — This card includes HDMI input and output ports as well as a USB connector. If your laptop lacks a Type C port, you’ll have to settle for an earlier gaming card.

4.HDMI Cables – Two HDMI cables are required for this. One HDMI cable comes with your capture card, and another comes with your Dock. If you don’t have one, you should buy one.
5.Software to set up Game Capture Card – Software is required to make sure that the Game Capture card works.

Steps to Connect Nintendo Switch to Laptop

(1) Switch on both your Nintendo Switch and your laptop.

(2) Plug the Nintendo Switch into the Nintendo Dock. The Dock’s plug can be used to connect the Switch’s Type-C port.

(3) Use an HDMI cable to connect the Nintendo Dock to the Game Capture Card.

(4) Now, on your laptop, open the Game Capture Card Software. The programme can be downloaded from the capture card’s official website.

(5) Use the USB Cable to connect the Game Capture Card to your laptop.

(6) Wait for the home screen of the Nintendo Switch to appear on your laptop.

Connect your Nintendo Switch to your computer.
You can now control the Switch on your laptop with your Joy-con. Every Switch activity, such as gameplay recording, big-screen experience, live streaming, live commenting, and so on, may be done on a laptop.

2. Is it possible to connect a Nintendo Switch to a laptop without using HDMI?
You cannot connect the Nintendo Switch to your laptop without HDMI, as it is one of the most significant connectivity mediums.

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