Activate on Roku, Apple TV and Fire TV

More than 15,000 hours of high-quality content are available on NBCUniversal’s Peacock, including live and on-demand programming, reality shows, sports, news, TV shows, and movies. You must first activate Peacock by visiting and filling out the form there if you want to watch them all. We kindly ask that you follow us as we guide you through the activation procedure.

Activate on Roku, Apple TV and Fire TV

You may learn more about tv activate in this article. the information is listed below;

How to Activate Peacock on Streaming Devices using

Let’s begin with the streamer that is most frequently used. A variety of streaming sticks, boxes, players,

Instructions to Activate on Roku –

Peacock TV is also available as a Roku app. The steps listed below will help you activate the app. Once it has been downloaded and activated, you may start streaming your favorite TV episodes and movies.

– make to see that the device is on and connected to a reliable Internet connection.
– You should be able to see internet content at a similar Internet speed.
– Utilize the Roku control to access the “Streaming Channels.”
– Next, select “Search Channels.” After that, you’ll be taken to the Roku Channel Store.
– Here, you should search for the Peacock TV Com TV app. Once the name has been entered, fill in “+Add channel” from the drop-down menu.
– This will result in the channel being added to your current channel list. The app is not activated, thus you must run it to get an activation code.
– It will nevertheless ask you for your username and password to log in.
– You must first save the code before you can browse the web and access (To access the page, use a different laptop or smartphone.)
– On this page, you must enter the device code.
– Click the “Activate” button to finish.

Get Peacock TV on Amazon Fire TV 

All of your preferred movies and television shows will watch without any problems for you.

– After turning on the device, visit the Amazon Store.
– Type the name of the Peacocktv com TV code app into your device to add the channel.
– The app hasn’t been used yet. That must first activate streaming before you can begin. You must first launch it to achieve that.
– Can will be prompted to enter your sign-in information. When you enter it, it will create an activation code.
– Save the code before visiting on a different laptop or smartphone.
– In the relevant box, enter the device code.
– Click “ACTIVATE” one more to complete.

Your Amazon Fire TV streaming set-top device is ready to provide high-quality content.

How to Activate Peacock TV on Apple TV 

Users of Apple TV must carefully follow the instructions. Make sure to carefully follow the steps and make making any mistakes. Let’s start the celebration!

– Your Apple TV must be turned on.
– Use the remote to navigate to the App Store. Utilize the virtual keyboard to type on the Peacock TV.
– Click “Get” after the app appears in the search results to add the channel to your Apple TV device.
– Tap it to open the app.

You will be required to enter your login information during the procedure. You’ll then log into the app after that. (Fill out the form to create an account if you haven’t already.)

– Following your sign-in, you will receive a special activation code.
– Take note of the code, then use your mobile device to visit code. This is the official activation page.
– After using the password, click “Activate.”
– In a few seconds, the Apple TV device you’re using will be ready to stream Peacock media.

Activate Peacock TV on LG Smart TV at

– Navigate to the LG Smart TV’s home screen. Use the remote to get to the screen. First, make sure your Peacock TV account is currently active.
– From the LG Content Store, choose “Apps.”
– Use the remote to type in the Peacock app.
– The check menu will appear; choose “Install.”
– On your LG Smart TV, this will install the app.
– You’ll receive a code after you launch the app and sign in using your login.
– Note the code down and make it handy. You need this code to activate the Peacock TV app.
– To get started, visit
– Once the code has been entered, click “ACTIVATE.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is activation?
What is activation on tv for activation is the official site to activate the channel to watch shows on the NBC system.

Q. How to find the channel code?
Following your device’s successful login to, you will receive an authorized activation code that you must type on the activation website. This will allow you to watch Peacock on television.

Q. How To Enter Code Activate Peacock TV?

– Follow the steps listed below to activate Peacock TV on your device.
– First and foremost, visit the website or URL Peacock
– Open the Peacock TV app after downloading and installing it on your device to install.
– When you’ve activated your app, sign in to the Peacock TV program.
– After logging in, the device display will receive an activation code.
– On the Peacock TV website, enter the activation number.
– Thus, Peacock will be able to run on your smart TV.

Q. What is Peacock TV?
Peacock, a ground-breaking American online video streaming service owned by NBC Universal, offers on-demand access to all currently airing and popular NBC tv shows on all streaming gadgets and televisions.

Q. Can I access Peacock at no cost?
You’ll be happy to know that Peacock enjoys complete freedom. To gain access to the channel and watch many hours of programming, simply create an account using your legitimate email address and password.

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