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How to Enable Wattpad Dark Mode in 2022


Wattpad is a fantastic idea for new and professional writers to develop a social network. The portal allows users to read books, novels, trilogies, and much more. In general, the white backdrop screen would prevent readers from reading for an extended period of time. Some readers prefer dark mode since it allows them to read for longer periods of time. Fortunately, the mobile edition of Wattpad now supports dark mode. To change the appearance of the web version, you must install an extension.

How to Enable Wattpad Dark Mode on iPhone and Android

1. Open the app and tap the profile’s “Settings” icon.

2. Go to the next page and select Dark Mode.

3. Enable dark mode, and the app’s appearance will instantly shift to a dark theme.

Open the Wattpad app, go to Settings, pick Dark Mode, and choose to follow the device settings for this technique. Now, go to your device’s settings and enable dark mode.

On the iPhone, go to Settings > Display and Brightness > Appearance > Dark Mode. On Android, go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Display -> Dark Theme.

You can also set the app to follow the device’s preferences. If you have dark mode enabled on your smartphone, Wattpad will immediately go to dark mode.

How to Enable WattPad Dark Mode on Web Browser [Windows & Mac]

WattPad Dark Mode in the Web Browser [Windows & Mac] The Wattpad dark mode is only available on the mobile app; it is not available on the Wattpad desktop edition. However, you can improve your browsing and reading experience by installing the “Turn Off the Lights” browser extension.

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, UC Browser, and other popular PC web browsers are all supported by the addon.

1. Go to and download the Chrome extension.

2. Select Options from the right-click menu for the extension you just added.

3. Select Night Mode from the left-hand menu pane.

4. Turn on the nightlight switch here. A button to switch between dark and light mode will show in the bottom left corner after you enable the switch. You can also adjust the switch’s position.

5. Go to the Wattpad website and select the book you wish to read.

6. Select the Dark Mode option you added.

7. Press the Switch button. That’s it. The website’s background will automatically change to a dark theme.


What can you do with the Wattpad Platform? Wattpad allows users to publish and read tales written by well-known authors. On mobile and tablet devices, you can also read the stories offline. Readers can also leave comments on stories written by other authors.

What are the advantages of using night mode on a gadget for readers? The reader’s eyes are protected from strong light by the Night mode feature. It also allows readers to read for longer periods of time.

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